Exchange-traded funds are the young investor’s asset of choice

Options of 39 ETFs on Fidelity Revenue

You can trade on 39 Fidelity Revenue ETFs carefully chosen to cover a variety of assets. Your knowledge of commodities will inform decisions on the SLV which concentrates on silver, whereas the TBT ETF owns Bonds, XLU covers the utilities sector, and the most popular on the WebTrader platform, QLD, consists purely of stocks.

With constant movement throughout the day, the ETF market provides volatile conditions for CFD traders, whilst we supply leverage up to 1:100 and tight spreads of 0.02 USD. Start trading to access low margins, zero commission, and don’t hesitate to ask us about trading techniques on the ETF market.

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Stock CFDs mirror the rise and fall of the underlying company share on the stock market. You can trade on whether that company will attract investment or see their share price plummet. Buy or sell on the rise or fall of the biggest companies in the world.