CFD Expiration Dates

CFD instruments will be rolled over on the expiration dates as per the table below.

Please note that:

  • Positions open at 21:00 GMT on the expiration date will be adjusted via a swap charge or credit to reflect the difference in price between the expiring and new contracts
  • To avoid CFD rollovers, clients can close their CFD positions before the expiration date.
  • Any existing pending order(s) (i.e. Stop Loss, Take Profit, Entry Stop or Entry Limit) placed on an instrument will be adjusted to symmetrically (point-for-point) reflect the price differences between the expiring contract and the new contract.

The Expiration Dates of contracts depend on the instrument you are trading. Upcoming CFD Expiration Dates are as follows:

Instrument Rollover Date
Spain35 10/07/2020
HongKong45.x3 24/07/2020
HeatingOil 24/07/2020
HongKong45 24/07/2020
Spain35.x3 10/07/2020
China50 24/07/2020
Aluminium 10/07/2020
France40 10/07/2020
NaturalGas 24/07/2020
Oil 17/07/2020
BrentOil.x3 24/07/2020
Oil.x3 17/07/2020
China50.x3 24/07/2020
MSCITaiwan 24/07/2020
Amsterdam25 10/07/2020
NaturalGas.x3 24/07/2020
VIXX 17/07/2020
BrentOil 24/07/2020
Norway20 10/07/2020
Zinc 10/07/2020
Aluminium.x3 10/07/2020
Sweden30 10/07/2020
India50 24/07/2020
VIXX.x3 17/07/2020
Zinc.x3 10/07/2020

In case the liquidity of the CFD old contract being too small, and upon Leadcapital Corp Ltd discretion, Fidelity Revenue has the right to effect the rollover on an earlier date that the prescribed one.

Please note that the expiring CFDs will be rolled over to a new contract with a different price, according to the schedule in this page, on all platforms. The difference in price between the expiring CFD and the new CFD will be debited/credited to your account for any open position(s) that you hold.